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White-label, semi-brand, education, reselling
Trading strategy
Broker University
Community leader
You are an expert in online trading industry and have a community in socials or messengers?
We can propose you to share profit from sales to your audience while you are using Quantower as the main trading instrument in your content. The terminal can be partially or fully-branded to your style or you can use just an original Quantower version. We will provide you all the required access and make a personal presentation with a detailed review of our features.
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You are the Crypto Exchange that want to differ from others and attract more users by providing really professional features?
We can make integration with your existing server-side solution via API. You'll receive a branded version that will be fully customized to the needs of your crypto exchange. You can sell it or provide it for free for your customers. If you are interested, we can put your name on our Connections page to help you attract new users.
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Trading strategy provider
You have an unique trading strategy or indicator and want to spread it among the traders?
Wide set of professional features for manual trading in combination with powerful C# API provides you a great possibility to use Quantower as an infrastructure for your exclusive and unique trading algorithms. They can be implemented by our developers, or, if you don’t want to disclosure their logic, you can code and embed them even without our participation.
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Data provider
Are you a data provider and need a platform to demonstrate your potential to your customers?
After connecting to your server-side solution, your users will receive access to provided market data via unlimited Quantower's features: Cluster chart, Volume Profile, DOM Surface, Market Profile and others. We also can provide you services for collecting history and transmitting quotes in case you want to upgrade your existing solution.
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Regional representative
Are you aware in all details of trading business in your country/region and ready to spread ideas of Quantower in it?
We are always open for any type of cooperation with local representatives: from reseller to a joint company with exclusive rights for sales. We are ready to provide all required — education, development, and deployment — to create a business that will suit all needs of a particular country.
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You are a new or well-known broker, who wants to provide professional trading terminal for your clients?
Quantower can be easily connected with your solution and become available for trading in a very short period of time. You can provide an original Quantower version or your own, branded version. Just add your logo, choose the name, setup default worspaces and you are ready for launch within days.
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Your vocation is to teach people trading and best practices via special courses?
Quantower can be your technology partner and provide you and your students with all of the available functionalities for studying trading. As our terminal can connect to any available broker or exchange you can teach trading on all major assets known today. And be sure, all your students will get a discount when go in live trading.
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Branding options
Quantower brandThe best option for resellers and regional representatives, aiming to widen the Quantower community
Grey-labelCo-branding model, where you use your own brand name with minor addition of "Powered by Quantower"
White-labelFull branding of Quantower terminal with an ability to apply custom themes and colors
Custom brandingDeep UI reorganization and restyling possibility to the client's requirements
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