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Common questions
What is Quantower?

Quantower is a modern, professional and full-featured trading platform that covers global financial markets and allows trading different asset classes such as Equities, Futures, Options, ETFs, FX. Whether you are a buy-side or sell-side, Quantower provides you access to reliable real-time data, liquidity, and execution for profitable trades. 

An outstanding feature of the platform is its modular system, which allows connecting and using only the modules necessary for your needs.

How is Quantower different from other terminals?

We are sure that only traders know what should be in the best in a class trading platform. That's why our support team studies every request of clients with special attention and in the shortest time.

What assets can I trade on with Quantower?

Quantower allows trading FX, Derivatives, Equities, Fixed Income, ETFs and Commodities depending on which broker you are connected to.

Full list of supported brokers, data feeds, exchanges and gateways you will find on our website

How can I ask a question about Quantower to the support team?

Each user can ask for support from our support managers using several ways:
- via the Live chat on this website
- via the message form on Contact us page
- via the support channels in Telegram
- by sending a message to our Facebook account


Please note!
Regardless of the way you've contacted us, we can answer you during the working hours only: Monday to Friday, 9am — 6pm (Central European Time)

I found an issue in Quantower. How can I report it?

First of all, we ask you to check, whether your Quantower app is up to date. Due to the fast development and often releases of updates, your issue may be already solved in the latest version.

In case you've faced a problem with the latest version — please contact us in any preferrable way and report as many details as possible:

  • connection name (Rithmic, Interactive Brokers, etc.)
  • asset name (symbol, ticker), timeframe
  • full screenshot with the problem (if it's possible)
  • description of the problem and possible steps that led to this problem

Please note. Usually, we do not fix issues for a specific version of Quantower, older than the latest and previous ones.

Do you offer a free trial period?

Yes, we provide a trial period for All-in-One license for a period of one week, so that you can try all features and tools available on Quantower. We recommend every user to try paid features for free to evaluate before paying for any service.

To get a free trial, you need to register an account in our license system and contact us in support for activation. More information on how to create an account and use it in the platform, read in our knowledge base.

Purchase & Licenses
What is included in Quantower Free version?

The free version includes the main features for analysis and trading on Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Futures, Stocks, Options markets.

  • One active connection to any integrated brokers, data feeds or exchanges
  • Time-based and tick-based charts with custom timeframes
  • One overlay per a single chart
  • Two indicators per a single chart
  • Creating, analyzing and trading synthetic symbols
  • Chart and mouse trading
  • Multiple workspaces, templates, binds, groups of panels
  • Chart drawing tools and technical indicators (40+)
  • DOM Trader panel
  • Time & sales panel
  • Access to free API for developing custom indicators, strategies
  • Algo extension for Visual Studio
  • Chart alerts
What features are included in the Volume Analysis license?

Volume Analysis package includes:

  • Cluster Chart (Footprint) with Imbalance
  • All types of Volume Profiles (Right, Left, Custom, Step)
  • VWAP and Anchored or custom VWAP
  • Time Statistics, Time Histogram
  • Price Statistic panel
  • Volume Impact and Dynamic VPOC indicators

For more information about each feature, see in our Knowledge Base

What features are included in the Advanced Features license?

Advanced Features provides:

  • Synchro Connections to different brokers, data feeds, exchanges
  • Advanced chart types — Renko, Kagi, Point & Figure, Heikin Ashi, Range Bars, Line Break, Volume Bars
  • Creating Synthetic Symbols and various spreads between different assets
  • Unlimited number of overlays and indicators for a single chart
  • Trading Simulator panel
  • Market Replay panel for manual backtesting
  • RTD Excel function

 For more information about each feature, see in our Knowledge Base

What is the difference between Multi-Asset and All-in-One license?

All-in-One license includes ALL available features and connection. During the entire term of your All-in-One license, you will receive new connections and new features absolutely free.

Multi-Asset license includes only two paid packages, Advanced Features and Volume Analysis, and allows you to connect to all available brokers, data providers or exchanges. Additional features such as TPO Chart, DOM Surface, Power Trades are not included in Multi-Asset (!).

What is the difference between Crypto Package and Multi-Asset?

These two types of licenses have similar features, except that the Crypto license allows connecting only to the crypto exchanges.

Can I purchase a license only for the TPO profile chart?

Yes, you can purchase a separate license for TPO Profile Chart. But keep in mind that TPO Chart additionally uses the volume analysis tools for various color schemes as well as for the overlaying of volume profiles. So for the full operation with the TPO chart, we also recommend buying a license for volume analysis tools.
For more details about TPO chart see our documentation.

I want to trade Forex. Which license should I choose?

Quantower free version allows you to connect to 1 any broker or data provider, perform main trading operations and market analysis.

If you need Volume Analysis toolsAdvanced Features, or a TPO chart, you can purchase these extensions separately on our Pricing page.

You can also buy a Multi-Asset package that includes all connections, Volume Analysis tools, and Advanced Features.

How can I pay for Quantower's license?

You can purchase any Quantower license directly through our website on the Pricing page using cards Visa or MasterCard.

We also accept payments in cryptocurrencies, through the payment system CoinPayments.

Can I get a discount on the license?

We provide an automatic discount for purchases of several months. The longer-term the license you purchase, the more you save on monthly payments. For example, if you purchase any license for a period of 1 year, you will receive a 30% discount.

Why isn't PayPal, Stripe, or similar international payment gateways available as payment methods for Quantower?

As you might know, Quantower LLC is a Ukrainian company that is situated in Ukraine and operates under Ukrainian legislation. As for now, PayPal and similar payment gateways don't provide business accounts in Ukraine, that is why we have to use one of the payment processors from Ukraine (WayForPay). Currently, we are working on having a representative in the USA that should allow us to process payments via the popular payment gateways.

Why am I getting "declined to card issuer" status after payment?

The WayForPay company is not a popular payment gateway internationally, that is why many banks don't allow transactions from their accounts to WayForPay automatically without previous verification. That is why, sometimes, you can pay for a Quantower license but your payment stays unfinished and the license won’t grant for your account.

If this issue occurs, you should contact your bank support and ask them to allow the money transactions to WayForPay, and once they do this — you will be able to pay without this problem further.

WayForPay verification email

As a part of an internal anti-fraud system, the WayForPay service can ask you to verify your person via an email letter. This procedure occurs only once, and when you’ve got an email asking about the verification that was really you, who initiated the payment for the Quantower license, you need to provide the requested materials to finish the transaction.

3D Secure

According to the international regulations, the WayForPay service requires a 3D Secure verification during the payment for extra fraud protection. Typically, you will be redirected to an authentication page on your bank’s website, and need to enter a password associated with the card or a code sent to your phone. This process is familiar to customers through the card networks’ brand names, such as Visa Secure and Mastercard Identity Check.

What are the payment alternatives?

In case you can’t or don’t want to deal with the WayForPay service, you may also try the Coinpayments service, which is another option of payment for the Quantower license. This service is mostly for crypto-transactions but it also supports fiat payments.

For those who want to purchase a Lifetime license, there is a wire transfer as an alternative.

Platform operation
What are the system requirements to run the Quantower platform?

Quantower requires a specific set of PC requirements to be met in order to install correctly:

  • Windows 10 with the latest update
  • .NET Framework v.4.8
  • Available disk space - 1 GB (depends on the volume of loaded history)
  • The hardware requirements for Quantower depend upon what you are doing with it. Most desktop systems can run Quantower without any difficulty.
  • The following hardware specifications are very much recommended for a fast system: 16 GB RAM, a minimum of 4 core CPU, and an SSD (solid-state drive).
Can I use the Quantower platform on multiple computers?

You can install and use the platform on several computers only with a free license. When a user login with a paid license on one computer, the platform will automatically log out the license on another computer. Thus, one paid license cannot be used on several computers simultaneously.

If you need to run Quantower on multiple computers at the same time with a paid license, you would need multiple licenses.

Does Quantower come with real-time or historical data?

Data is not included with the Quantower platform. We have 40+ supported brokers and data feeds available to meet your broker and/or data feed needs.

You can connect to as many of our supported brokers and data service providers as you like. In our knowledge base, you will find guides for connecting to various brokers and data providers.

I have several trading accounts. How can I switch between them?

Each trading panel has an "Account" field where you can switch between your active accounts. Clicking on this field, you will see a drop-down menu from which you can select the required trading account.

Can I run the Quantower platform on my Mac?

Quantower terminal is currently available for Windows OS only. But don’t worry, soon our developers will add a version compatible with the Mac. If you do not want to wait, you can run Quantower successfully by using virtual machine software such as Parallels, Virtual Box or VMWare Fusion to install Windows and Quantower terminal.

How can I set up a workspace over multiple monitors?

You can place every panel of Quantower terminal on any available screen and save it as a personal workspace.

I installed the platform but it does not start (or an error appears)
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